Disaster recovery backup

You never know when that hacker is going to strike and erase everything from your site, or if your shared hosting provider will fail to backup your stuff at the wrong time. I like to keep website backups myself once in a while, at least before major updates of my sites.

If you are using wordpress or drupal I believe there are plugins/modules that can do this for you.

A picture more than 1000 words !!!!

This pictures taken from Queensborough Bridge station in New York looks innocent. It probably says a lot for the 14 Kbytes that it occupies. It probably says different things to different people but it DOES say a lot.

It actually says a lot more than it can meet the eye. Right click and download the picture and then open it from Notepad or Wordpad or any other plain text editor. Scroll to the end of the text ...

Multilingual wordpress

How do you set up a billingual or multilingual wordpress blog ?

The truth is that wordpress has not been very active in keeping its international followers happy. Keeping a billingual wordpress site at least in the year 2006 was not an easy task. I figured how to do it after some struggle but I am still not completely satisfied with the solution, but figured it might be useful for some people trying to setup one for themselves.


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