Correct broken links and images on your drupal development environment

I am in the habit of using Backup and Migrate module to quickly move from Live to Local in order to test things out. More than 80000 people trust this module I suppose to keep backups or move from Live to Local and vice versa. One of the problems that might arise when Restoring the database on localhost is that some of the content might contain links and images that will be broken if your drupal installation is in a subfolder which means you have in your .htaccess something like this
RewriteBase /folder/

and that you access your site from a browser like this

Can bad links hurt your google rankings ?

Have started doing significant SEO work lately (after long period of working exclusively on development) and got a chance to experiment with link building techniques and in particular profile links.  Mind you I do all the experimenting on non customer sites before I decide its worth the trouble and the risk.  I usually use my own domains that don't bring in any significant amount of money or use friend's sites after I explain the risks to them.  In this particular experiment I have used a friend's site.

Google Chrome Frame should make the developers life a lot easier

Google announced on tuesday 22nd of September 2009 the test release of Google Chrome Frame which is a plugin for IE that will make it HTML5 compliant.  The need came out of their effort to build the next communication tools (google wave) and they wanted to make life easier for their developers to accommodate IE that still has the lion share of the internet users. 

Offline Promotion Of Your Website

So, you have optimized your promotion expenses and any increase is not bringing in new customers. This is natural. The bell curve is applicable in most situations and just increasing your Google Adwords budget may not necessarily mean an increase in the number of people visiting your site and buying your products. But you want more traffic and do not mind spending some money for it. So, what do you do now?

Ways to procure advertisers for your website and enhance advertising sales

This is the most recent post among the many articles that have been written on direct ad sales. For the starters, it would be nice to go through the introduction to direct advertising sales.

Earlier, you have learned how an ad marketing package can be built to encourage ad space; now its time to understand the techniques to find advertisers for the website.

The most important thing is to get organized. It is paramount to keep a track of contact details of an advertiser. This helps in development of a system that lets you pursue your ad pitches.

Call for Non-English Web directory submission partners

There has always been a need to submit my clients' sites to regional directories based on the language each site is translated.

With general link building/English directory submission you can tell the search engines your English keywords by putting them in anchor texts.

How do you promote non-english words that you want to target ?

Finding advertisers for your website

 Advertising on Times SquareDirect advertising sales are probably the best way to earn for a website. There are many benefits of selling direct advertising. Let's discuss a few of those.

  • Firstly, we can cut the mediators. This increases the money that we can generate. If you sell text link ads through a company, they will take half the price. When you do it on your own, you will have the whole amount to yourself.
  • Large networks have the advertising issue well sorted out but independence is another key to succeeding in this area. So if you can chalk out all the requirements, you can sell your ads just like the efficient networks.

Free Directory Submission Helper with 5000+ Free Directories

Directory submission is an easy way to build backlinks for your domain.  For non competitive niches a few hundred accepted links in directories can make wonders for your SERPs positions.  For more competitive niches directory submissions is not recommended on its own and its recommended that it gets combined with other SEO techniques.

Popular SEO Techniques

Each site requires revenue generation. This is only possible through sign-ups. Can there be sign-ups without attaining traffic? The answer is a firm NO. Websites hence adhere to different techniques which allow an active inflow of quality traffic. Websites need to be placed high in the ranking ladder of top search engines. This helps them in being siphoned by Google and other search engines just as a visitor types a relevant keyword.

45 Tips for Increasing Your Web Traffic

Many people doing business online have great websites but don’t seem to be selling anything. Their products or services are top-notch, and their looks both professional and unique. So why aren’t they making any money? The issue is that it really doesn’t matter how amazing your website is if no one ever sees it. Here are 45 ways you can increase your website traffic easily and affordably.


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