Drupal geolocation responds Geocoder failed due to: REQUEST_DENIED

In a client website I have setup geolocation field with google maps widget for input.  While it was working well for quite some time these days my client reported that it was getting some annoying error messages.

This is the error message that is displayed when editing a node/page.  

Geocoder failed due to: REQUEST_DENIED

A similar message gets displayed when you try to lookup for a location with green get location button


Google Turmoil creates jobs

The recent google turmoils of the past year (and this year) with the google updates, the pandas, punguins and all other animals it did not only  produce chaos to the SEO circles ...  it has helped create jobs out of thin air ... 

Webmasters have rushed out to see what is going on with their websites but also SEO experts not having work or new SEOers are taking advantage of the opportunity to get some work done and get paid.  What work ?  

Captcha Breaker is the new Captcha Sniper

Captcha breaking services are getting very expensive if you are using any sort of automated SEO tools

Captcha Sniper was a software that came the last few years to fill in this gap with one time payment and unlimeted captcha breaking capabilities. Unfortuntely slow fixing of bugs and an the unpolished feature to help improve any included captcha or include any new captcha using the captcha destruction kit (CDK) has left a lot to be desired for quite some time now.  Similar softies such as Captcha Infinity and have tried to bridge this gap but to no avail.  Finally a softie has come along that has listened to the needs of its users GSA captcha breaker


New design coming soon

Due to some problems with wordpress and the site being hacked very often and since lately I am working with drupal exclusively I decided to turn this into a drupal blog, I have used the drupal migrate modules and the wordpress migrate module in order to transfer all the posts/pages and users/comments to drupal. If you find anything fishy please let me know, I should have a new design ready soon ...

Add facebook google tweet linkedin share buttons to your website

Its very important to have the share buttons of the popular networks available to your readers in order to remind them to help you promote your content.  This is not a difficult task and you can always use services such as http://www.addthis.com or http://wibiya.conduit.com/ or http://www.po.st which offer a great service.  One would choose these services for the ease of use and statistics they provide.  On the other hand these services are not so easily customizable (not to the level I want them to) and they tend to be heavy on the pages load ...

Google Reconsideration headaches

The violation
I recently received a message in google webmaster's tools that my directory is in violation of google search quality guidelines

Dear site owner or webmaster of http://www.world-experts.net/,

We've detected that some of your site's pages may be using techniques that are outside Google's Webmaster Guidelines. If you have any questions about how to resolve this issue, please see our Webmaster Help Forum for support.


Google Search Quality Team

Google blocks its own IP's ?

Within 2012 I have been accustomed in using google spreadsheets for lots of different tasks. In most of my spreadsheets I am using scripts that make use of importXML that are able to extract information from XML formatted webpages. The last 2 days I have noticed that all of my scripts don't bring any result back.

Being different- Why a site identity matters so much

The lone apple in a pile of oranges stands out. A color on a black background stands out. In the same way, a website with a unique identity will always stand out. With websites, functions, services, products and content are the colors and unique identity mechanisms that make them stand out. This is a basic marketing principle, and it’s as basic online as SEO- Identity creates market profile.


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