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For 20% discount use: CSSTRICKS20 For 15% discount use: kirupa07

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A satisfied Media Temple Customer

I have had a lot of misfortunes lately with cheap shared hosts that would not be responsive to my tickets or would try to hide their failure to address issues and not giving me the level of service I was expecting in general. You can read more on my blog about 3 web hosting reviews and misfortunes A common problem with shared web hosting this days is their failure to allocate and enforce/monitor the shared resources equally. This coupled with their tendency at overselling their resources results most of the time to the bad neighboor effect. Which means onne bad neighboor eating all the server's resources and its could be enough to make your site crawl to its knees from resource starvation. Enter Media Temple Grid Service Its about the only company I know that has strictly enforced resource limits. The limits are measured in GPUs Grid Processing Units. 1000 GPUs is the least processor power one can get with media temple's gridservice and that is equivalent to running a continuous 10% load on one processor for one month, which would be satisfactory for must site requirements. With MediaTemple I can monitor my own resource usage and I am sure my neighboors can do to and if they don't MediaTemple does. They charge $20/month but if you pay in advance for the year the price goes down to $16.67/month and if you apply the "Special offer code" kirupa07 (surfstation and others no longer work) the price can decrease by another %15 which brings the monthly cost down to $14.16/month !!! Even if you like to pay month by month the Special Offer code can give you a 15% discount and bring the service to $17/month. If you do decide to register with them please use as the "Referral domain". I will be entitled to a free month of service and it would be greatly appreciated. I have also included it as an affiliate link so you don't have to enter it if you follow the link above.

Enter Media Temple Dedicated Virtual

Do you need more power ?

I have recently switched from the Grid Server to Dedicated Virtual server. Don't get me wrong GS was good for a hobbyist site like gamesonline4free with 200-300 visitors a day. But recently its traffic has grown to 2000+ visitors per day and in total all the sites I wanted to host where receiving more than 10000+ visitors a day. The new DV is really a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Plesk allowing 30 domains on it (more domains can be purchased later) which has proven very reliable for commercial sites such as I found the Plesk Panel to be easy to handle (being a long time CPanel user) and since the server is almost 100% managed I have not had to do any tweaking to it (it runs perfectly as is). Well if you do need the extra power DV might be just what you need. Look at more technical details on their website here The DV has a regular price of $50/month but if purchased annually it comes down to $41.67/month. Using the aforementioned "Special offer code" kirupa07 can give you a $7.50 discount for each month or if purchase a yearly plan it will give you a discount of $75 which brings the cost down to $425/year (just $35.41/month !!). 20% media temple discount coupon: retailmenot 15% media temple discount coupon: kirupa07 Including as the "referral domain" (or using this link) will entitled me to a free month's hosting and would be greatly appreciated. If the above media temple Coupon Codes don't work please leave a comment below.

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hi. Nice article... But... Trying to ask you on a polite way.... Are u a reseller from MT?...

What can you tell me about shared hosting from godaddy n hostgator vs mt?

Actually im looking for a better hosting than economy at godaddy....

Thanks in advance