Google Turmoil creates jobs

The recent google turmoils of the past year (and this year) with the google updates, the pandas, punguins and all other animals it did not only  produce chaos to the SEO circles ...  it has helped create jobs out of thin air ... 

Webmasters have rushed out to see what is going on with their websites but also SEO experts not having work or new SEOers are taking advantage of the opportunity to get some work done and get paid.  What work ?  

Welcome to LINK REMOVAL services.  Such service checks all the sources that give link to one domain and try to get rid of the ones from domains that are not indexed by google, or the ones that think they are spam ... 

You thought building links takes time !!!  Well removing links takes even more time ... you have find links to ones sites which is very hard if most of the links don't appear on the google index anyway and assume you have found all those links you need to prepare a nice letter to the webmaster of the source and send them in hopes that they will see and then take the time to act on it.

Here is a sample message that I received but I have covered identities:

Hi there! 

Over the past couple of months our rankings with Google have plummeted. At first we didn't have a clue as to what was causing this. Originally we thought it had something to do with a change at Google that was causing this problem. However things got progressively worse and worse. 

We couldn't figure out what the problem was since we never hired a company to cheat Google or whatever they do. However, it got to the point that we didn't have a choice other than hire an outside consultant to review our website and determine what the cause of the huge loss in rankings was. 

After the expert analysis we found out that a competitor had been building thousands of spam type of backlinks to our website so that our website rankings would drop in Google. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened. That means that we are now trying to do what we can to remove these backlinks by reaching out to websites like yours and requesting that they remove all links pointed to our website, [website url]

You can find examples of these links on the following pages of your website: 
* [my website URL]
We are sorry if you were somehow affected by this issue and want to apologize in advance for the extra time it may take to remove these examples mentioned above. 

Thanks again! 

Mind you this is not a message a webmaster wants to receive saying that HIS/HER website is spam !!!

Good luck to this so called SEO expert that send me the removal request.  My directory is deindexed, I have nothing to lose either way and you calling my directory spam is not going to get me to actually do the favor to you and go and remove it.

Well I have received other letters of removal that were more kind and I have actually removed those links in the past but this has got to stop, the webmasters can go report me or do what they want.

All in all the moral of this story is Link removal industry is BOOMING lets all thank google for it and hope for more jobs in the future.