Overture Keyword suggestion tool seems out of order

The notorious Keyword suggestion tool from Overture (Yahoo) seems to be down for the last few days. I have noticed it myself and I have noticed a few other posts mentioning that its probably gone forever. I don't think that its a permanent shut down of the tool otherwise there would be at least a Note on that page indicating it. On the other hand there is not even a note that the tool is out of order ... well we will wait and see.

Due to this, the search engine queries estimates tool I just released a couple of months ago is unable to function (its getting the results from he overture database). If you are looking for a keyword tool please refer this list of keyword suggestion tools.



Everything looks to be fine for me. I found good niche there right now. Additionally is this niche near to my interests. I am looking forward.

Next possibility is to use digitalpoint keyword suggestion tool

The Oveture Suggestion Tool does seem to work now, but only gives results from January 2007. GirgosK: I tried out your estimates tool - works really well, I have bookmarked it - many thanks ;-)

Seems to be down again - for at least the last couple of days :(

Yes I noticed
Its more than a week already

this time I am afraid is going be permanent