GeoLand and Guest Bloggers a multi-author blog was transformed in January 2007 into a weblog related to web development, marketing and search engine optimization and has remained focused on these subjects ever since. Due to the luck of time the amount of posts is less than someone would expect from a lively blog but, thanks to some fellow bloggers it has been updated at least 1-5 times a month.

The people behind GeoLand

Giorgos Kontopoulos is the original author of and he is also known as GiorgosK. He is a web consultant from Chios Greece. You can see his latest web designs, read his latest web development/marketing posts or contact him about web consulting. If you want to learn more about him please take a look at his LinkedIn profile

Forrest Croce is a programmer, photographer and web writer, blogging about issues related to website marketing and search engine optimization.

Rashid Herrera is the manager of Gallery Webs and has been working on web design for more than 10 years, using all the technologies such as php, asp, html, css, flash and has focused his work on creating websites that can be found, by applying search engine optimization techniques.

Steven Bradley is a web designer and search engine optimization specialist. Known to many in the webmaster/seo community by the username vangogh, he is the author of TheVanBlog, which focuses on how to build and optimize websites and market them online.

Want to Guest Blog on GeoLand ?

If you are interested in posting an article or two or want to be a regular writer for GeoLand please post here and we can discuss about the prospect.


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