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Captcha Breaker is the new Captcha Sniper

Captcha breaking services are getting very expensive if you are using any sort of automated SEO tools

Captcha Sniper was a software that came the last few years to fill in this gap with one time payment and unlimeted captcha breaking capabilities. Unfortuntely slow fixing of bugs and an the unpolished feature to help improve any included captcha or include any new captcha using the captcha destruction kit (CDK) has left a lot to be desired for quite some time now.  Similar softies such as Captcha Infinity and have tried to bridge this gap but to no avail.  Finally a softie has come along that has listened to the needs of its users GSA captcha breaker


Being different- Why a site identity matters so much

The lone apple in a pile of oranges stands out. A color on a black background stands out. In the same way, a website with a unique identity will always stand out. With websites, functions, services, products and content are the colors and unique identity mechanisms that make them stand out. This is a basic marketing principle, and it’s as basic online as SEO- Identity creates market profile.

Can bad links hurt your google rankings ?

Have started doing significant SEO work lately (after long period of working exclusively on development) and got a chance to experiment with link building techniques and in particular profile links.  Mind you I do all the experimenting on non customer sites before I decide its worth the trouble and the risk.  I usually use my own domains that don't bring in any significant amount of money or use friend's sites after I explain the risks to them.  In this particular experiment I have used a friend's site.

Free Directory Submission Helper with 5000+ Free Directories

Directory submission is an easy way to build backlinks for your domain.  For non competitive niches a few hundred accepted links in directories can make wonders for your SERPs positions.  For more competitive niches directory submissions is not recommended on its own and its recommended that it gets combined with other SEO techniques.

Popular SEO Techniques

Each site requires revenue generation. This is only possible through sign-ups. Can there be sign-ups without attaining traffic? The answer is a firm NO. Websites hence adhere to different techniques which allow an active inflow of quality traffic. Websites need to be placed high in the ranking ladder of top search engines. This helps them in being siphoned by Google and other search engines just as a visitor types a relevant keyword.

Directories - are they worth bothering ?

Is directory submission still a good SEO practice?
friends, please tell me still the google directory submission useful for increase our PR. I've heard since there are a thousands of out going links in a directory the weight you gain from a directory backlink is very low. Do you agree? please comment.

This and similar questions about the topic of directories and their SEO value comes up on the forums quite often.  People new to internet marketing techniques usually associate good SEO with PageRank and while not unrelated one can not base their efforts on pagerank alone.

SeoDigger: Free Keyword Research tool

SeoDigger is a tool that I have been using for some time now to help me with competitor traffic and keyword analysis. With SeoDigger I have been able to easily find what keywords a competitor has targeted and what positions the site is holding for those keywords. Its a tool created by the SEOQuake team and it deserves a big applaud and a little explanation for the uninitiated.

Free Web Consultation

I have had numerous requests for review of sites in order to give suggestions for improvement. Thus I decided to create a page specific for it.

If you have a specific question about your blog or site involving the design and/or traffic/ranking of it, please don't hesitate to leave a comment here and I will try to do my best to answer it, time permitted that is.

Only requirement is that I get to publicize the comments here for everyone to see and benefit from later on.

Content IS king after all !!

content makes you kingImagine you make a search with your favorite search engine about "keyword phrase 1" and you visit the first result (1st URL) but you return immediately to the search results - using search engine terms you bounce back. You now click on the 2nd URL and you never return to the search results. Lets say the same exact thing happens with 1000 other users searching for "keyword phrase 1";   What should that search engine conclude ? The 2nd URL is more fit to be on the 1st position for "keyword phrase 1". The 1st URL might not even be fit in for displaying in the first page of the search results of that search !!


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