Pagerank 0, the new Leprosy ?

I have a game site on which I do lots of experiments. It currently has a PageRank of 0 due to Google's penalizing it. Here is the reason: 6 months ago it was a PR4 but that was also the time that I decided to experiment with the Digital Point CO-OP network and the TNX network. DP CO-OP is essentially a link exchange network that serves links on your site and serves your backlinks in other's sites. TNX is more like a paid links network.

Webmaster Tools: Find high traffic keywords

Are you looking for more traffic ? Are you in niche that has lots of traffic but you don't know what phrases to focus on ?

I have already introduced the benefits of the new and improved webmaster's tools and about how useful they can be to a site owner in a previous post.

The new google webmaster's tools contain a report that can be very handy: Top Search Queries

Recommended Reading for Webmasters

This is my first post here at GeoLand; I hope people enjoy. I'm going to take a slightly different approach and try to answer some of the questions people come to GeoLand, and other sites, to find answers to, but from a unique perspective. The question is how to build a compelling, vibrant web site that's loved by humans and GoogleBots alike.

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