Free Directory Submission Helper with 5000+ Free Directories

Directory submission is an easy way to build backlinks for your domain.  For non competitive niches a few hundred accepted links in directories can make wonders for your SERPs positions.  For more competitive niches directory submissions is not recommended on its own and its recommended that it gets combined with other SEO techniques.

9 free webmaster tools I can't live without

Webmasters and developers don't need a whole lot of money to spend on tools in order to work efficiently and be productive. Here is a list of free tools that help me run my everyday webmaster chores.


Notepad++Dreamweaver and such designing tools might have become very advanced in the recent years but I am still far from satisfied with them. I prefer to do the coding with a simple text editor and be in total control of the code and not end up with unnecessarily long code. Recently I discovered Notepad++ which has the few bells and whistles that are desired by hard core programmers such as code highlighting, Regular Expression Search/Replace support, capability to extend functionality with plugins and nice depository of contributed ones. Worth your attention.

Link exchanges the easy way

LinkEx - Link exchange scriptLink exchanges are time consuming. If you have done few you know what I mean. The trouble is not with arranging them and placing them; you need to maintain them as well. You need to check once in a while to see if the link partners are linking back to you and act accordingly. It gets even more time consuming if the link exchanges are 3 way in which case you have to check a third domain that has your link included. Its hard to keep track of all these, and it gets even harder the more link exchanges that you arrange.

Photoshop for Webmasters

Everybody's heard of Photoshop; it's the world's gold standard when it comes to image editing software. Part of this is due to its age, and part to its capability. The web is a graphical medium, so it makes sense for people who run web sites to have a basic understanding of Photoshop.

There are two "standard" complaints about the application: it has a steep learning curve ( in part because it's so powerful - there are simply "too many" options for new users, who tend to feel overwhelmed ) and its price. In US Dollars, Photoshop CS 3 is $650, while the extended version goes for $1,000. This is mainly of use to people who need to manipulate images in 3D space, or movies on a frame-by-frame basis.

Photoshop Without Photoshop

Because of the high cost, we should start by looking at some alternatives to Photoshop. These run the gamut from open source freeware to closed source commercial applications - the competition - and, ironically, trimmed down versions of Photoshop itself. For the web designer on a budget, some other software to consider is:

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