Drupal geolocation responds Geocoder failed due to: REQUEST_DENIED

In a client website I have setup geolocation field with google maps widget for input.  While it was working well for quite some time these days my client reported that it was getting some annoying error messages.

This is the error message that is displayed when editing a node/page.  

Geocoder failed due to: REQUEST_DENIED

A similar message gets displayed when you try to lookup for a location with green get location button


New design coming soon

Due to some problems with wordpress and the site being hacked very often and since lately I am working with drupal exclusively I decided to turn this into a drupal blog, I have used the drupal migrate modules and the wordpress migrate module in order to transfer all the posts/pages and users/comments to drupal. If you find anything fishy please let me know, I should have a new design ready soon ...

Correct broken links and images on your drupal development environment

I am in the habit of using Backup and Migrate module to quickly move from Live to Local in order to test things out. More than 80000 people trust this module I suppose to keep backups or move from Live to Local and vice versa. One of the problems that might arise when Restoring the database on localhost is that some of the content might contain links and images that will be broken if your drupal installation is in a subfolder which means you have in your .htaccess something like this
RewriteBase /folder/domain.com

and that you access your site from a browser like this

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