Captcha Breaker is the new Captcha Sniper

Captcha breaking services are getting very expensive if you are using any sort of automated SEO tools

Captcha Sniper was a software that came the last few years to fill in this gap with one time payment and unlimeted captcha breaking capabilities. Unfortuntely slow fixing of bugs and an the unpolished feature to help improve any included captcha or include any new captcha using the captcha destruction kit (CDK) has left a lot to be desired for quite some time now.  Similar softies such as Captcha Infinity and have tried to bridge this gap but to no avail.  Finally a softie has come along that has listened to the needs of its users GSA captcha breaker

The basic features that will make stand out from the rest of the crowd are

  • comes with over 400 pre-configured captcha types to solve
  • works with every software using decaptcher or death-by-captcha (plus 5+ other services)
  • ability to send unsolvable captchas to captcha services
  • very easy to use editor where you can create your own captcha definitions
  • uses multiple ocr techniques and other self-made algorithms to solve captchas
  • many captcha types have a 100% success rate.
  • save a lot of money
  • save bandwidth as captchas are no longer send to captcha services
  • tested and working on all Windows systems from XP to Windows8 without any known problems and without any crashes as seen from other tools in this market
  • import/share new or improved captcha types with others
  • it's a one time purchase with NO subscription and FREE life-time updates
  • can work as a proxy to simulate decapther and send to a cheaper service

Download your 5 day trial now and see for yourself.

Here is the intro video from the developers themselves

And Here is an independent quick review on how its working

If you want to learn more or buy Captcha Breaker go to the developer's site