Clicks and bounces and how they are considered for google search algorithm

Its not something new that clicks and bounce rate are considered for ranking on google ranking algorithm but I just wanted to post this quick note for everyone that asks me about it.

If you inspect the webpage code (html source) you will find following interesting information on each result's code
< a class="l" onmousedown="return rwt(this,'','','','1','AFQjCNFsMZyfvJ4P55xJMFgxW9PDgnx0fQ','S0iD7nu7jD1AyUSoW_djvA','0CD8QFjAB')" href="" >

onmousedown defines the action (function call) that will happen when someone clicks that link.
The call to rwt will probably report to a google central database the search phrase, url clicked, position it was found in (1 in this example), and all other information that google considers important in order to rank websites

This is the code for one of the results, each one of the results has a similar function ready for action when you click on that link.  If the same user comes back to the search results then google probably has a way of reporting a bounce rate to complete the report for that click ...

Some people report that google is using analytics for bounce rates but I highly doubt it since it would not be fair because not all sites are using analytics for their statistics and they would only have incomplete records.