Google Chrome Frame should make the developers life a lot easier

Google announced on tuesday 22nd of September 2009 the test release of Google Chrome Frame which is a plugin for IE that will make it HTML5 compliant.  The need came out of their effort to build the next communication tools (google wave) and they wanted to make life easier for their developers to accommodate IE that still has the lion share of the internet users. 

This is great news for developers in general as the plugin will be freely distributed and it promises to make the life of developers a lot easier but ... 2 days later a microsoft spokesperson comes out and blasts Google Chrome Frame as potential dangerous security risk (as if IE is the safer browser on the internet ... quite the opposite)  ... will the internet users install it once it comes out ... and will the life of the developer be indeed easier ... it remains to be seen ...

The problems with IE and how they don't support the standards most modern browser support are pretty much known to advanced internet users.  Especially web developers have to struggle endless hours to make their designs fit the "standards" of each different IE flavor.  Yes each IE that comes out has its own quirks (take a look at to find out how compatible is your version of Internet explorer).   The fact that IE6 was preinstalled onWIN XP systems has made it the "browser of choice" for many internet users who don't know what a web browser is ... windows 7 (the successor of Vista) will ship in Europe without a browser installed according to this article but, the fact remains that as of today some 50% of the internet users use IE for their browsing.  Its hard not consider it when designing/developing a site. When developing a site a lot of time is wasted on making sure each and every browser sees it the same way and that includes seperate tests for IE6, IE7 and IE8 and in google's own words.

Developers can't afford to ignore IE — most people use some version of IE — so they end up spending lots of time implementing work-arounds or limiting the functionality of their apps.

hopefully either IE developers come out finally with a standards compliant browser or IE users don't buy into the Microsoft claims and install the plugin ...



I recently found out that google made a chrome frame for ie and was wondering if I should use it. Best answer to person with good answer and a source.

a lot of great tools from google these days, sidewiki, google chorme frame, new API

Good Info Google Launch his new Chrome and it's support IE , I thinks it should be support other browsers...

Yeah google is the best, no need to waste time for slow mailer or default mailer of your server, google apps is the best solutions, its like using gmail while having your company email setup on it.

That is why the web design company important to cope-up with this kind of updates Google does.

The main reason that Google Chrome runs multiple processes is to fully optimize, or attempt to optimize the use of multiple-core systems. By running multiple processes per tab, it allows multiple cores to process different websites in today' higher growing demand interactive sites.

View the attached site and read about the architecture of the browser to see how this style of process handling is making Google chrome faster.

Google Chrome automatically saves your searches, or the websites you have been to. It's called History. but you can delete your history.

Hi,just drag the tab to another part of the screen from the main window and chrome will detach it to be a separate window.

Hi,The embed works differently in all browsers. Usually, if works on Firefox should work on Chrome, but for IE, it have a different way for playing media.

When I'm running Google Chrome, if I open up a shortcut to a web site on my desktop Chrome opens another tab. Instead, I want a separate instance of Chrome to run in a separate window.

I am using google chrome and haven't disabled internet explorer. When I first turn on the computer I get an error message each time. I report the error but this is getting annoying.

There's not a lot you can do. They're still developing the browser so feedback is most important. About the only things you can check is cookies and Java compatibility.
Good luck

once i realized that chrome does not stream many video files (embedded WMP, likely some others) i realized that it was useless, especially since i already have 5 other browsers installed...

Most Awaited O/S is Google Chrome and millions of people want to use this how it is differ from microsoft O/S. I am also waiting for this O/S

thats the main reason why i seldom use IE because of those existing problems with that browser.

great article, you are actually right IE cannot be ignored eventhough the browser itself is troublesome.

A good idea from Google, this will make web development easier by ensuring your code is IE compatible without the annoyance of switching browsers all the time.

Yes chrome is much better than IE. iE complicates the life of designers abd developers and it should be banned.

I think chrome yet need to be grown up. It will take time until it gets better.

What I like about Google Chrome is the usability aspect. However, being a web designer I can understand the complexity of developing a website to be compatible with ALL browsers can be difficult task and can take up a lot of your time. Furthermore, I use Mozilla Firefox and I love all the different addons I can add to customize my experience.

So far, i don't like Google chrome, it does not even support custom RSS formats. Also, it crashes many time with different websites.

plz update ur blog regularly.. we are missing valuable informations...

The Chrome frame is really a bit advanced and for the IE, the specification is something to watch out for and browser switching is something interesting as well.

Google Chrome is also equal any web browsing software thanks for it....

its a nice post.
It was nice to know that Google has announced the test release of Google Chrome Frame which is plugin for IE that will make it HTML5 compliant.

I reinstallled it and the problem persists! I load google chrome and for a few frames per second it loads from bottom left to top right expanding its like its loading on the screen, but not on the screen. I am bad at explaining... Its like if there was another monitor on the rightside it would appear on that monitor instead of the one monitor that I have.

Google chrome is far better than IE because of its huge collection of extensions and resources and this extension surely makes it more interesting.

I think chrome yet need to be grown up. It will take time until it gets better.....

Chrome has emerged this chrome browser which proved to be very effective web browser with excellent features.

Google Chrome Frame was a real waste of a time. It did ruin the settings on my browser and my default settings. I advice you not to download it - for your own sake.