Offline Promotion Of Your Website

So, you have optimized your promotion expenses and any increase is not bringing in new customers. This is natural. The bell curve is applicable in most situations and just increasing your Google Adwords budget may not necessarily mean an increase in the number of people visiting your site and buying your products. But you want more traffic and do not mind spending some money for it. So, what do you do now?

Have you considered offline promotion methods? True that your business may be essentially online but the people browsing your site and buying your products have a non-internet presence too! Have you ever tried to reach out to them when they are not connected to the internet? This is an area of promotion that falls into the blind spot of most webmasters. The simplest offline promotion would be business cards and classified advertisements.

It is considered customary to put your signature when you post on forums and someone not doing so is viewed as one who is losing some traffic everyday. So, it comes as a surprise to me as to why so many of us shy away from putting our business urls on our business cards. In fact, the business card will last longer than the forum threads on search engines and are potential business hooks whenever the need arises.

When it comes to classified advertisements, the usual reaction is "but then no one reads it". You could not be further from the truth. Offline classified advertisements are far more popular and read more than their online counterpart. Also it is possible to target the audience better with newspaper and magazine classifieds. Visit your local newspaper office and find out their readership volume. Assuming that even 5% of the people read the classifieds and I am sure you will start believing in a good return on investment. This is because of the low costs involved.

When you do decide to place a classified advertisement, try to keep the information as clear and as short as possible. This is critical and difficult since every word costs in the offline world. This is unlike the online classified sites where 100 words and above are very common. The next mistake that most classified advertisers do is to provide long and complicated urls. Remember that people cannot copy and paste from newspapers to their browser's address bar! Keep the urls simple and human readable. It should not be that difficult if you are able to use some redirecting software on your website.

Remember that online promotion expenses are more linear in that you keep spending regularly (everyday?) while in case of offline advertisements, the expenses come in spikes (weekly/monthly?). This usually gives the impression that offline advertisements are prohibitively expensive and is suitable only for large establishments. This may not be true if you can set your objectives of the campaign and keep track of what you are doing and how much you are spending.



This is an authoritative writing on this topic. I recently considered putting my website ads on classified sections of a newspaper.

I felt it was relatively cheap if done for one time. But I also thought an ad for a single day may not help much. Then running that ad for 10 consecutive days to get good results becomes a costly deal.

There I stopped the idea. Let me re-consider this with different newspapers and classified magazines and decide based on readership and cost.

This is an interesting article. I have never tried to advertise my website offline, then again it is not something that brings in my income so I really dont see a need to do that. However you do make a great point on how to get more traffic through other forms of media other than online media.

i think we should try a car sticker, i see lot people doing this on this day.

Your monthly promotions should include writing an article in the area of your expertise, promotional exchanges with similar web sites, and offline promotions.

To organize your monthly promotions, place the names and hyperlinked web addresses for each of your promotional resources within your monthly promotions section.
To survive and prosper, online or offline, every business simply needs to make sales and profits. It’s the life-blood of any business. Many marketing strategies developed to increase sales offline can also be adapted and applied online, although most online marketing techniques are either impractical or totally ineffective in an offline business.

First and foremost is a good quality written sales letter that they can use to attract interested prospects. Ideally, this letter should be a duplicate of your own sales pitch or website sales letter. Next, create banners that they can put on their website and most importantly, at least from the affiliates point of view, is a sales tracking system like, ‘’.




Thanks for this article, a lot of information here.

Will the money be enough to hire all 3 of them ? if yes hire them all ...

Which is better? Divide your monthly website promotion budget between the top 3 website promoters, or just concentrate on one of them?

I've got an online company dealing with web sites creation and promotion. We are located in Estonia. Where and how can I advertise in offline newspapers and magazines in different states of the USA via Internet?

Nice article, but what about for the people who are not businesses, and just little websites with no budget?

Thanks anyway :)

Press releases, public relations, direct mail all are tools to drive business to your business.

Its an interesting idea you put forward, however thanks to systems like Google Analytics tracking the conversion rate of on-line advertsing is a lot easier than tracking it off line, which makes it harder to determine a return on investment for an off-line campaign.

IIt's possible to track offline campaigns for a web site. You can use an extra domain or url.

You Are Right We do On line Promotion but those person who are not aware fron the internet they don't know about your product so need to do offline promotion also and use some techniques like hording , banners etc...Nice Post..
Keep it Up

I post ads at least twice a week in our local newspaper. It is expensive and in my case without good results. But that doesn't mean that others should not try it out. What may not work for me might work for you. Freedom Business System

What's the best SEO and general online promotion tip you can give

Hi, i want Know What is's special offline promotion? What you say?

I think that offline promotion campaign succes depends a lot on a previous marketing research about finding the right people that may be interested in the product/service that your website offers. if it's focused on teenagers, working with teenagers magazines or if it's related with internet trying to contact internet magazines, etc. but if you sell shoes and your ads are published in a veterinarian magazine it won't have any repercution but will cost a lot to you.

I find using tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster makes tracking online advertising alot easier.

Nice Information about online promotion..if you are planning to promote your site online then you have to make a very good campaign for this...

'm looking for a list of good quality (best or top ranking or new or old but has lots of traffic) free online classifieds so that I can diversify my ads. I believe by submit my ads to all these selected list is an ideal method to diversify my ads. Please briefly state whether these free ones come with conditions such as reciprocal links requirement.

I would appreciate if you could also include a short personal point of view on Romania image abroad, because I would like to have an idea how people from other countries perceive this country, and why they would visit or do business in this country?

advert on newspapers might cost a lot. I will prefer to advert online rather than offline ways.

First of all, I'd look into advertising on Cable Television. Depending upon your budget, which I assume is pretty extensive if you're looking to market tourism to Romania, I'd go straight to the networks themselves.

How would you promote a country like Romania? Online-Internet vs. offline promotion.?

offline promotion plays a crucial role in the promotion of a website. In this way, users will come to your website by seeing it on banner and if they found anything good they will become our customers.

Thanks for your article. But in seo content is king then you need to do on page perfectly. then you need a bit for doing of off page seo.

There are websites which offer 30¢ per spam answer on Y!A. Other spammers are just trying to cheat people for the spammer's own gain. Most of them appear to be selling things like shoes or Acai Berries. But most of them are credit card scammers. They just want to get your credit card number.

A good online marketing plan can be the main source for clients. Offline promotion helps but costs with little ROI.

I don’t think most people have a clue about just how much time it actually takes! I certainly didn’t when I first entered the industry, I 100% thought it was build it and they will come! If you broke it down in to $ per hour it would be scary how little return you were getting but I think the value is in what you are creating for the long term.