Ways to procure advertisers for your website and enhance advertising sales

This is the most recent post among the many articles that have been written on direct ad sales. For the starters, it would be nice to go through the introduction to direct advertising sales.

Earlier, you have learned how an ad marketing package can be built to encourage ad space; now its time to understand the techniques to find advertisers for the website.

The most important thing is to get organized. It is paramount to keep a track of contact details of an advertiser. This helps in development of a system that lets you pursue your ad pitches.

Personally speaking, a basic spreadsheet on excel suits me fine. I set a basic table with a list of advertisers and their contact details. I also put the date when I first made contact with them. This is for future referencing.

I also believe a lot in follow-up dates. I usually like following up a week after the initial contact. The table is my talisman for not making errors of repetition. It is also highly effective to use additional columns for recording history and time-duration for each sold ad space. You should also remember to include eventual ad selling price.

Time-management is imperative. Usually it's enough to allot 30 minutes to an hour each day even if you are looking for potential advertisers. This would include the time that is utilized in researching and phoning.

Once you are done with an advertiser and time management system, you can safely arrive at the five methods that I am going to discuss.

1. Learn to use Publisher Inventories in Advertising Networks

Networks and advertising marketplaces have a huge website chain to cater to. These websites and blogs sell ad space. Publisher inventories can be very handy in obtaining advertisers. I have written about setting your own ad rate earlier. There I have tried to neatly mention Text Link Ads and Adbrite as two marketplaces that can be used for finding out optimum ad price. In the given case, the two marketplaces also comprise of publisher inventories that help a lot with finding advertisers.

Let's first use the instance of Text Link Ads. By now, most of you know what it is.

  • First sign up for a free account. The account lets you browse the marketplace.
  • Next, you can go to a particular category which is associated with your website
  • Base your website selection according to the pricing and then navigate to pages with link prices which are quite identical with advertising rates that you have chalked out for your website.
  • Further, it is important to look out for those websites which have identical prices. Jot down their names next. Also check whether any ad slots have been sold. It is really helpful to make a website list that has done half the business of selling available link slots.
  • For visiting the advertisers, just put in Google, all the names that you have recorded, then you have to click on the sponsored links.
  • You can finally contact an advertiser and put across your direct ad marketing package.

This method is deemed good for all the advertising marketplaces online. It might sound time-consuming but then the success rate accorded to it is also high. This is because of several factors.

  • Ad and Site Relevancy- publishers are classified as niche. This is why an advertiser buying links on those particular websites will be drawn towards buying links from your site.
  • Your ad rate is identical to the link prices that they are already buying. This obviously increases the chance of selling ads to advertisers with a nice conversion rate.
  • This goes without saying that the advertisers will be focused on buying links and advertisements. The method spares us unwarranted time loss as we do not have to counter advertisers who shy away from run ad campaigns.
  • The method offers great rates. You can verily suggest a lower ad rate if you are using Text Link Ads as a publisher.

2. Look for Advertisers through Search Engines and Competitors

It is among the most fundamental methods of finding advertisers. How to start? Just start searching for keywords that can be associated with your website. For instance, iPod accessory or spy gadget can be the right keyword if you are a technology blog.

Make a list of companies that advertise on your peer websites. Throw them your ad marketing packages. This can include a cover letter or rate card from your side. If your site is frequented by visitors then an e-mail pitch can come in very handy.

3. Sell Links through Webmaster Forums

There are few webmasters forums presently that hold marketplaces which allow buying and selling links. For instance, Digital point's link Sales marketplace is free to use and many webmasters sit all geared up to purchase links from the website.

The marketplace is full of peer websites and uses SEO techniques. This is why optimal link positioning is rendered meaningless.
Webmaster and affiliate marketing forums is a link marketplace formatted on a forum.

4. Start an Affiliate Program

This is a no-sweat way of finding advertisers. Just lure your traffic. Tell them about a percentage based commission for each advertiser that shows compatibility to your ad rates. Affiliate programs offering 20 percent commission rate are just as good.

5. Approach Other Webmasters/Bloggers in Your Niche

Webmasters look for expansion. So show them related tags. For those selling auto insurance, it would be foolish to sell links of web designing.

People in the game might recommend you against selling ad space to your peers. I believe it is not that shoddy a move as eminence of a site depends on many things. This may include actual content and off and on-site marketing.

Now you know everything about Direct Advertising Sales

This post is my last submission to direct ad sales as a source to generate extra revenue. Hopefully what you have grasped here will hold you in good stead for making more money with your websites or blogs. You are most welcome to come up with your thoughts about how you felt about the series. A note or a comment would be appreciated.



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