Call for Non-English Web directory submission partners

There has always been a need to submit my clients' sites to regional directories based on the language each site is translated.

With general link building/English directory submission you can tell the search engines your English keywords by putting them in anchor texts.

How do you promote non-english words that you want to target ?

You have to build links with the words in the anchor but the links have to be on sites built on the language in question otherwise they are of no real SEO use. Thus, specific language directory submissions and article submissions can ensure that the non-English links/anchors are found on the appropriate language pages.

Lately there has been a lot of demand for optimization of non-English keywords and thought it was the perfect opportunity to create a network of partners which can handle specific language submissions.

Interested in partnering ?
If you or anyone you know is offering non-english directory or article submission services  please contact me or have them contact me.

I am looking for people which can also handle the translation of the submission details (description, keywords, categories) into their service language therefore you have to have a good command of the language.

Currently I am mostly looking for European languages (due to my clients sites) which include German, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian but any other language you master I would be interested to know for future reference.

Please send me your language reading/writing knowledge level, your experience with such a service, directories you have in your possession and the price you are asking for submitting to all or portion of them.

Thanks for your interest.



Dear Giorgos,

If you type regional web directory in Google our web directory that is been establised back at 2005 have number one spot,and i guess it fits perfectly to you and your clients needs.By hiring people that are offering non-english directory or article submission services and are not following submission rules of selected web directories (for example free review are being offered only to non-commercial websites) wont get the expected results allthought the submited sites will be high quality they will get rejected due to the fact that people that submit sites doesnt care to follow the guidelines.You can contact with me if you want to establish a cooperation.

Kind Regards.

Hi, I'm always in the search of the same thing, as we've currently got 21 sites in 16 different languages, and there are several providers that we use all the time. Please feel free to contact me as well.

I have to submit a online pharmacy to web directories. Is there any software which can do this for me. Is submission to web directories and search engines is same or different. How can i know about directories which are important.

I have found a lot of directories, specially for european companies that accept websites in different languages and they seem to work well, you should try one of them.

juan then please send me these directories
I would like to try them out ...

What are the best free web directories to list my new website in?

Its ok to post different language, but I think it would be better to post the keywords in english.

If you know how to check what page rank sites and blogs have, you can be able to know good sites worth linking to. Also check to see if the sites you wish to link to are not black listed.

I have found a lot of directories, specially for usa companies that accept websites in different languages. I have compiled a list of 5000+ directories in a XLS helper but some of the might be already turned to free I would submit to as many as possible

I completely agree with Alric in this matter. You can always post in different languages, but it is always better to post atleast the targeted keywords in English. What do you think ?

I also personally think that it s better to post at least the keywords in English.