Free Directory Submission Helper with 5000+ Free Directories

Directory submission is an easy way to build backlinks for your domain.  For non competitive niches a few hundred accepted links in directories can make wonders for your SERPs positions.  For more competitive niches directory submissions is not recommended on its own and its recommended that it gets combined with other SEO techniques.

Through the course of time I have collected - together with my team of dedicated submitters - lots of free directories which we use for personal projects and customer's submissions.  We have tried lots of different submission tools but they all failed in some way or another.  Finally we decided that a custom excel sheet (Excel 2003) with which to keep track of submissions was the way to go.  Conviniently we named it Directory submission helper. Its not a sophisticated system but it gets the job done and it was time to let it free for the everyone to use.   It contains more than 7000 directories of which 5000 and more have been checked recently to be free (non reciprocal, not paid).  More than 2000 have been collected recently and never used.

Its usage is pretty straight forward: you click on the links and directory opens in your browser you do your submission and you record the status in the excel sheet and the counts of submissions are automatically calculated.  You can download the xls with all the 7000 directories from rapidshare.  The zip file also contains a screencast of the basic usage of the xls.  Note: For rapid form filling we have used the excellent Autofill forms addon for firefox.

The xls file is provided as is and even thought it was checked for viruses to the best of my knowledge I am not to be held responsible for any damage it might cause to your computer.  Feel free to post any comments or questions but Directory Submission Helper is not officially supported.

Hope you find it usefull.



woow , is that excel. Excelent!
Definately will try this link submition method.

Great list - much appreciated. Do you know how many of the 7000 directories have inner pages that are indexed by Google?

thanks for this...i am a complete do i put in a reciprical link? is it more effective if i do? is there a short cut system to form filling? i am waiting for my 7 year old to teach me how to switch the computer on...thanks

chris for fast form filling I have a link to autofill forms (above) its a little difficult to setup but it pays in the end ...

Hi GiorgosK

thanks for that I'll give that a go..does the reciprocal link have to be put in to make it all work
Thanks Chris

Most directories are free non-reciprocal thus you don't need to give them reciprocal link

what reciprocal are you referring to ?

nice post here.. but we still do the manual thing... keep it up.. ;)

How do we download Directory Submission Helper? We have RapidShare at this point



Sounds good. I will definitely give it a try. Thanks.

This is really good work.. You have done things in an organized fashion and decided to share that with others instead of keeping it to yourself once you have used it.
Thanks for sharing..

I may give this a shot over the week, how long does it take to submit to that many databases on average?

this is a great tool, I used this with no issues at all. Being able to submit to over 500+ engines is great for any SEO website. Thanks for all of this info, I really appreciate it!

I don't think there is any reason to worry about PR pages because most of the submissions will appear on NON PR pages and they wont be discovered too fast since they are not even going to be approved at the same rate ...

Link building can be a very bad thing also it one add to many high PR links to fast, that is maybe something you should think of and tell your clients also?

What PR value has these link pages you are using for submission?

Submitting to web directories serves a dual purpose: drive traffic to your website through direct referrals and provide static, one-way links to your site, boosting your link popularity and improving your rankings on the major search engines.

Your a star dude. Its really great that your giving away 7000 directory list for free. Thanks a lot dude. YOu list will help me a lot to submit my website to that directories..

Your really great

Nice Info Directory Submission is the practice to get the backlink for your site and you can get ranking as well..

Thanks for ur hard work. The information provided by u will help me a lot while submiting my site which is a new born baby.

I tried this list guys. Its really cool and it saved my time and money. Hats of your work GiorgosK. I am really shocked with your patients. Collecting 5000 directory listing is really great. All the best and congrats for your work.

Do the work with the well organized middle school theme writing approach...bite size digestable pieces where each paragraph has a specific idea...and the keywords found there really mean something.SEO's page submission engines are just taking up space in the middle.

Thank you for the Great list !
can anybody to suggest a script for automatic submission

Thanks for the directory submission resource, its almost a year now being up there, I am sure you have even updated it with the new data, although older directories have its more value. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Directory submission is one of the best way for me. i have subnited more then 2500 directory. you have given good information about directory submission with your article. thank you very much for information

Best regard
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Web directory allow webmasters to submit their own websites to include here with no cost.

Thanks for the list of directories. I'll take a look and check out which are still live.

I bit it took you a while to gather all them directories. You have done very well.

Thanks for the list.

u r a soooooooooooper star,
and i have no words to say thanks.
u shared a good big list to ever one and save time of all the SEM,
its 2 years now, i hope u will share ur new list too.
just excellent.

This is a great tool. You have done things in an organized fashion and decided to share that with others instead of keeping it to yourself once you have used it.

Hello There I want link directory for article submission.

I have been playing around with the program called "fast directory Submitter" it seems like a pretty sick program it is semi automated

Thanks you for providing such a nice lists. I need forums listing also. If any one knows, please let me know!

I am really shocked with your patients. Collecting 5000 directory listing is really great. All the best and congrats for your work.

Thanks for the list of directories.

I think it's a great time saver. A list is very valuable to me.

I’d like to promote non english keywords. How do I do it? Do I have to write in english and use keywords in local language or I have to find non english directories?

Thanks For list in Directory thats improve my website fast and visit..

Hey how that work that mazaing i need same guys to work for me i have 300 needed done same way

Hi guys,

Would appreciate if you could send me some good english directories where to submit my website..

Thanks for your kind concern and your time

Regards - Philippe from Mauritius

Cool - Thanks for the list of directories. Hopefully this will improve my search engine rank.