Finding advertisers for your website

 Direct advertising sales are probably the best way to earn for a website. There are many benefits of selling direct advertising. Let's discuss a few of those.

  • Firstly, we can cut the mediators. This increases the money that we can generate. If you sell text link ads through a company, they will take half the price. When you do it on your own, you will have the whole amount to yourself.
  • Large networks have the advertising issue well sorted out but independence is another key to succeeding in this area. So if you can chalk out all the requirements, you can sell your ads just like the efficient networks.
  • When you sell ads yourself, you tend to have greater control over how the ads should look, what may be the correct blend of content and appearance.
  • If you have direct advertisers on your blog, you will be helped greatly with your credibility. When good companies look for your blog site, it is a sure sign that you have quality.
  • Some webmaster forums let you buy and sell links. They can help as they are always ready to purchase links for the website.

Nothing in this world is perfect. There are few negative points as well.

  • Selling direct ads consume time. This time can otherwise be used for optimizing website, finding major advertisers, and taking care of administrative matters like payments, report delivery, stat track.
  • Many things need to be looked after. It is not a ready platform like Google Adsense. You will have to look after the blog, its design, software and so on.
  • Sometimes you might need to keep seeking for advertisers every month or as soon as one drops from your list. This can get tiring and the long deals are not that many.

Musts for direct advertising

  • For getting advertisers, you must first have traffic in-flow. 1000 unique real visitors are generally good enough. Till you touch this mark, it is time to build traffic rather than looking for advertisers. Google page rank and Alexa ranking are also great help.
  • Sometimes a site is very nice, but it does not have a niche audience. Generic sites which cater to many topics do not attract advertisers like niche blog sites. So focusing should be specific.
  • If you wish to earn revenue through a site, you must first spend something on formatting it well. Professional designers help with designing the sites brilliantly. No advertiser likes to align his products with a website that is ugly in appearance. For this purpose, you can have flash pages and flash splash pages. Such pages add to the appearance of a site. There is a problem though; they needed to be used with a lot of subtlety as they can hinder texts. If the texts are hindered, Google does not read them and the site is not used by Google.
  • For serving your ads, it is important to rotate banners and do stat track. For this purpose, you can install AdServer. A simpler solution is WP-Ads. Wordpress plug-in is a great help in serving ads for particular ad zones. But Wordpress does not count clicks. Open Ads is a solution that functions even better. It is not very easy to use but once you understand how to use it, it can work the best among all the software's.
  • You must have a page specifically devoted to "Advertise Here" campaign. Here you give all kind of details about the website. The potential investors need to know about certain information before they put their money in a website. Also, make sure that you have some link to that page in the navigation bar. It is better if such link is close to the place where the ads will be displayed. shows a great example of such a link.
  • Few advertisers may look to contact you after seeing the" Advertise Here" page. The remaining still need to be approached by you. For achieving this purpose, it is nice to have a standard letter. The letter can include your introduction, your reasons for contacting them, site information and advertising options.
  • You need to have a cash sending/receiving unit which feasibly transfers money both ways. PayPal is a good option in this regard. It is one of the best online money transfer units today. Look at it this way; if an advertiser is not surefooted about your revenue structure, he might have to think again before investing in the site.

Where to get in touch with the advertisers

  • If a company sends back links to your articles, it might also be willing to advertise through you.
  • If a company owner leaves a comment on your website, he can be interested in putting ads on your website.
  • Many companies know nothing about online advertising. If a company is attached with ad word advertising, then it stands a greater chance of coming to you.
  • Type certain keywords and send it to Google. You will find sponsored links that have used similar keywords. This means those sites deal with similar products. You can contact them. Look at it this way. If you sell auto insurance then there is no point in getting back links from a hotel chain.
  • Advertise through other networks apart from Google Adsense. Ad Brite and Text link ads are a couple of big names.
  • Bookmark a potential advertiser.
  • You can also offer a visitor a part of the advertising commission if he finds an advertiser for you.

What to charge

  • Make sure that your advertising deals have a high success rate. If an advertiser spends money on attaching himself to your website, he would need monetizing in return. So make sure that your impressions and leads are in place.
  • You can cross-check the costs at which you are advertising. It can be done through AdSense. Just evaluate what you might gain with Ad Sense and adjust your rates likewise.
  • Offer discount for long deals. Also try fixing deals on a monthly basis.
  • If you are sure about your product, offer the advertisers test periods. If it works out for them, you can always look to compensate later.



Thanks for the information.

I have a website that showcases a local area (The Tri Cities of Tennessee/Virginia).

I'm just about to start my campaign for local advertisers, but the site would also lend itself for advertisers such as Charter Communications, Dish Network, At&T and some other large companies,

Trying to find out where to contact those large companies to submit my site for review to advertise on.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Sean B. Halliday

Good advice . Selling direct ads is difficult but not impossible

Good points, and I'd like to see an expanded discussion of how one goes about finding large advertisers as well.

One way of finding related advertisers is clicking the Adsense links on your pages and contacting those companies directly about discount advertising on your site...

Thanks a lot for the detailed ways of getting in touch with sponsors.

I think it also depends on type of your business. Advertising campaign for online business or a local repairman will be totally different. Similarly thou, they will have to define target audience and then find out way of reaching them

I have been to Hong Kong (from the image) and its amazing.

Oh yeah, thanks for the info.

advertiser will look for places where a lot of people gather. for website it would be a lot of traffic possibly 1000 unique visitor daily. if you need ideas how to increase traffic go to my site.

sometimes finding an advertiser is a hard work, and you are right wqhen you say that it can be a tiring work, I think that the most important thing there is create a strategy to appeal advertisers and annlysing its succes, reflecting on the places you are looking for or what is not going very well, helps you to see where your site can get the bigger number of advertisers.

as I told in another entry... looking for advertisers in the competition is a good idea since if your services are similar to those ones that they already advertise you could easily get adevertisement form them,. alos I recommend to pay attention in the target public to make advertising more efficient.

I think keeping good connection with the sponsors is just a primary requirement for any business to succeed. So, thanks for sharing these useful tips. Hope, following it people can expect to increase advertisers for their web portals.

For serving your ads, it is important to rotate banners and do stat track. For this purpose, you can install AdServer. A simpler solution is WP-Ads. WordPress plug-in is a great help in serving ads for particular ad zones. But WordPress does not count clicks. Open Ads is a solution that functions even better. It is not very easy to use but once you understand how to use it, it can work the best among all the software’s.