Popular SEO Techniques

Each site requires revenue generation. This is only possible through sign-ups. Can there be sign-ups without attaining traffic? The answer is a firm NO. Websites hence adhere to different techniques which allow an active inflow of quality traffic. Websites need to be placed high in the ranking ladder of top search engines. This helps them in being siphoned by Google and other search engines just as a visitor types a relevant keyword.

Sites can adhere to ethical and unethical methods to earn Google ranking. White Hat SEO technique is the method of sticking to search engine’s guidelines and ascending up the slope the right way. White hat techniques do not aim to dupe the engines. It verily ensures that the content that a search engine approves and ranks is the same which will be displayed to the users. This is an important statement. Black hats morph content after site’s approval and run them through separate links.

White Hat technique deals in building content for the user and not the search engines. Its secondary aim can be attaching spiders through the unique content-set. Trying to fox a search engine’s algorithm from its mission is certainly not the right idea.

White Hat technique involves using a sitemap and joining the most important pages through links. A top White Hat technique is ethically acquiring “back links†from a web directory through content rich articles. This increases a site’s reputation in the eye of Google.

Correct Cross Linking and using the right set of key-words to develop search engine optimizable material is also a nice white hat technique. For the purpose we can use the services of Word Tracker. Its Keyword Universe provides the perfect niche and generic keywords that are most popular among searchers.

Building linking campaign is another top draw idea. It implies using variations of main keyword in the link text.

Black Hat SEO technique is also called Spamdexing; though most of those indulging in it believe that they are doing things as ethically. Black hat aims to redirect pages towards a specific target page through methods that are not acceptable to the terms and conditions of a search engine. They expect imposition of ban once they are found out.

Black hat can use hidden text as a text in invisible DIV, colored identical to the background or as an index positioned off the screen. It also uses cloaking that we have discussed above. It is presenting one thing to a search engine’s spider and presenting another thing to the user’s browser.

Black hat techniques diminish the search result quality of a search engine. Moreover the method might lead to generating revenue for a third party other than the engine itself. Engines cannot afford this as pay-per-click advertising generates the major chunk of revenue for them.



Making the most of SEO is the best technique for everyone..So, why not perform it well.

If you want to get notice and stay on SERP forever be kind to Google. hehehe

The article is good andcovering all the basic concepts of SEO.Thanks for the information

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I think many search engine algorithm can differentiate between white and black hate. Appreciation for strengthening white hat SEO.

Black hat is difficult to track and indeed the links or partner links on your site are assume paid for and ie blackhat or not acceptable in terms of Google but is Google god I think not

Another way is when making forum signatures/links to your site, link to your sitemap (with sitemap.xml included) this should help the indexing of pages.

I never knew about these two techniques called white hat seo and black hat seo. I thought all are risky in the eyes of Google.
I only thought it is better not to bother about seo techniques but rather bother about delivering value to the readers.

Definitely be good to google and the rewards will be exponential.

actually i found alot of problems. i saw some sites are in top rank with less link, and also with less PR. i was trying to check the backlink, there were so less, less than 100.

about page optimization, i have alot of doubts in it. how can we optimize 10 keywords in a single page... maybe page optimization is not working for seo anymore. i have written some guidelines in my web. that would be some reference for new bie.

I want to perform SEO for websites of my organisation, for which i m working, and want to know various methods, techniques, processes, steps and activities about SEO. I want to know actual actions i have to perform i.e. how can I establish backlinks & raciprocal links?

I've heard that even when white-hat SEO is so much more ethical, its resutls can't be proven before some time, however, Blackhat techniques can give you fast results and could make a website appears in the top of search engines, but this happens only until the search engine detects it, then the website could be penalized.

Thanks for sharing the information dude. I was searching for similar articles and I found it on your website. Your website gives me loads of information related to SEO

what about guerrilla techniques? it is sometihng that happened to my website when it achieved a good position in google, suddenly a lot of bad comments were directed to other sites running down mine, because when search engines detect bad content aobut a site, it's reliability gets down and so that the position that costed so much for you to get is decreased because those "dirty game"

What is guerilla technique? Is it bad to set reciprocal link? Will it affect the websites rank in google?

Beautifully explained the diff between white hat and black hat.

I have never tried the black hat technique. I wonder if it will do me any good at all. Thanks for sharing this post. If you get the chance, feel free to visit my site.