Directories - are they worth bothering ?

Is directory submission still a good SEO practice?
friends, please tell me still the google directory submission useful for increase our PR. I've heard since there are a thousands of out going links in a directory the weight you gain from a directory backlink is very low. Do you agree? please comment.

This and similar questions about the topic of directories and their SEO value comes up on the forums quite often.  People new to internet marketing techniques usually associate good SEO with PageRank and while not unrelated one can not base their efforts on pagerank alone.

Here is what most experts think about the value of directories.

... So directory submissions with other mothods too, Its still good for seo.

Directories are still very useful. As always, they should be just one of many tools in your toolbox.

If you are choosing correct titles, using a good description (and variety of descriptions) and submitting to right categories where other related websites are present, directory submissions to 'dofollow' directories can still do wonders for a website's SEO. Unfortunately they don't work for high competition keywords that well

Submit directory still usefull for SEO, but it slow effect.

Directory submissions is not dead and still a good way to get backlinks and a lot depends to quality of the directories that you are submitting your sites to.

It worked for me and still is working. It should work for you as well if you do it right.

You don't submit to directories for PR. You submit to directories for back links that will improve your serp's. And you will never get quality links from a high PR directory. They are just too expensive. The real value of any link lies in its long term prospects. Place your link today and then leave it to grow and mature. The older it get the more virile it becomes.

All the above responses are right to the point.  Free directories are still worth something in SEO.  I personally base my opinion on the following findings/beliefs:

  • A link is always worth something even a little bit of value.  Directory links definitely won't hurt any SEO efforts because they can't have negative value otherwise they would be used between competitors to give bad links to each other.
  • Google does report directory links in webmaster tools Link section, and so does Yahoo in siteexplorer.
  •  Have done numerous SEO campaigns for low competition keywords/niches which were based on directory links alone that turned out to be very successful in the long run.  All the selected keywords used as anchor texts did indeed get decent positions in the SERPs and helped drive more traffic to the site.
  • The number of Directory submissions services is growing rapidly and so does the demand for such services (supply follows from the demand)

But that does not mean one should focus on Directory submission alone.  There are numerous other link building techniques which can be paired with directory submissions for best results.



Of course directory submissions are stiil good.

I know that most people talk about this based on the results they see in the rankings; which makes sense of course.

but to answer the question, I think you should try to think like google.

so this is how I think google sees directories.

1) they know very well that 90% of the directories exist for SEO-purposes only
2) that doesn't maater, as google needs these links anyway to make sure thir index is always up-to-date
3)they know very well that a directory is a directory and even more so, which directories are taking it serious
4) the directory iwners that take it serious; only accept decent sites are in fact doing a very valuable job for google; reviewing sites !
5) human reviewers for free is a great tool for google to use

in other words; for google these directories a re a very useful source to find not only new sites, but also give them a rating; as not every site will get the same amount of links out of X submissions



but you're absolutely right that directory submission is just 1 of the many options and that in the end the mix of different kind of links is what gives the best results.


I notice that several of my top competitors use plenty of directory submissions and they rank well for highly competitive terms... The only thing I don't like about directories is that sometimes they can take months to approve your link... I just submitted to 100 directories, and I'm going to check in a month from now to see how many of those links are actually showing up. I'll keep you posted.

directory submission it easy place to get backlink, please set your mind, google just search engine like yahoo, msn etc... why need follow one search engine? if we have another search engine...

this what i think, also when you submit to directory your must take a look about that directory if relevan to send your link there

I knew about directories helping our website in SEO after following topics on forums. But this article gave some new information today.
Your simple explanation about why the link value is less, makes me convinced about their value though less (but not zero). I was suffering with uncertainity about getting links from directories and forums not knowing if they are worth.

Now it is clear their value lies in long term. This I noticed from those websites that rise in popularity quickly and also fall quickly. I saw some websites gaining PR0 to PR3 in one PR update only. Then in the next update they go down from PR3 to PR1. First it created lot of uncertainty.

Later I realized that what these people have done is to get backlinks somehow from high PR pages but only few handful of websites. When these websites' PR fell for some reason, their PR also gone down in the next PR udpate.

So we can now understand what is best in the long term? A quick fix of a few high PR backlinks? or several hundred backlinks of low quality but stable for long term?

i think you wrong @fornls, directory not for PR and also not for GOOGLE..

website need directory because need backlink for they SERP not for PR... so do you think YAHOO will remove SERP, i think not... YAHOO and GOOGLE in the same business :)

@webpalforums ,

Directory submission definitely helps in PR. But I think the weightage may not be much.

When it comes to SERP, a high page rank for the main home page of the article when searched for its keywords plays important role along with the how much the article is keyword centric..

I don't know how directories help SERPs.

The more virile it becomes? LOL, what are we talking about here??
Directories were, are, and will probably continue to be awesome when it comes to backlinks. But they will never, ever, give you PR, no matter how many you've got.

it is normal that directories take a lot of time befor approving your link, since their own reliability and prestige depends on the quality of the links it manages. but you are completely right SEO is not only PR, and of course it's not only build links in directories.

I din't think that direcories are boring. We can even get good backlinks from the directories. But we must submit our websites in correct directories and good page rank directories.

in internet there are thousands of directories that looks for websites to appear in them, however not all of them are good, since quality is not always important for them and your website position could be damaged by being linked from a bad directory.

Of course directory are still worthy because of their do follow nature.

I think directory submission works effectively if the title and descriptions are choosen well .Directory submission is very important for internet using these links marketing makes easy.

I've found directory submission to be an important part of my internet marketing for my current and previous sites. It's time consuming, repetitive and extremely boring. But worth the hard work IMO.

You can't just put all your eggs in just one basket, same applies with seo, directory submission is good old method but there are also other relevant seo techniques, its a never ending process to keep posting and it will pay one day...

I think there still used it for a few people.. a liitle traffic from the directory submission is always worth it, although its very little traffic comes...

Directories are always good, but upto a limit. You can't rely only on then to get a higher rank. SEO techniques are vast, need to apply it all. Good article. Thanks.