SeoDigger: Free Keyword Research tool

SeoDigger is a tool that I have been using for some time now to help me with competitor traffic and keyword analysis. With SeoDigger I have been able to easily find what keywords a competitor has targeted and what positions the site is holding for those keywords. Its a tool created by the SEOQuake team and it deserves a big applaud and a little explanation for the uninitiated.

What is SeoDigger ?

From the creators of SeoDigger

Detecting search keywords for which a site is ranked high.

With you can find out for which keywords your site ranks high enough to be in Google Top 20. You can analyze your own sites as well as sites of your competition, using the information obtained for SEO analysis, building a semantic core, finding out how well is a site optimized for this or that search request, and a lot more. Apart from a list of search queries, wordtracker and overture results are also determined (keyword popularity calculated by and

Its very simple to use it and it will be illustrated with an example. Lets say we are interested in "travel europe" and would love to have some related keywords and some indication of the traffic they might have.

We search google for "travel europe" and grab the first site that comes on top of the results (at the time of writing of this, was on top). Feeding seodigger with this URL will result in the following

SeoDigger gives us the keywords and the position the site was holding at the time SeoDigger last updated the database.

Thus in this case we see that was on 2nd position for "travel europe" on 23/06/2008 (I assume the last update of seodigger's database) . The rest of the information presented on the table are the id of the keyword, overture's daily estimated traffic (I believe) and wordtracker last 90 days traffic statistics.

I intentionally have sorted this results with the wordtracker's statistics that give me a good relative estimate of keywords with lots of traffic. In this example "europe travel" "travel europe" "european travel" "europe travel guide" would all be keywords that we might want to target for our own site and expect some good traffic; of course competitiveness has to be taken into account before we actually start our SEO efforts.

Sometimes the results returned by SeoDigger don't fit in one page and sorting is only allowed on the displayed statistics, thus its preferred to download a csv archive to your spreadsheet application and analyze the statistics there. Another pitfall is that for free user account only the first 1000 results can be downloaded but even those are very valuable and the cases where more than 1000 results are present are somewhat rare.

SeoDigger - I believe - gathers the position statistics for each site from the users that have the SeoQuake plugin activated (which are mostly SEO professionals or hobbyists) but still it gives a very good indication of relative traffic and the tool undoubtedly is an excellent tool for competitor and keyword analysis.

What are your thoughts on SeoDigger ? Any success stories ?



seoquake looked a little bit shady, but it was probably just me that couldnt really work it/didnt put enough time into installing it

Thank you for your review of our service.
Let me tell you how SeoDigger works:
We have base of 60 million popular keyphrases.
For each keyphrase we collect first 20 Google Search results and build
Seodigger index.
We use usa version of
So, SeoQuake users do not used to do this.
SeoQuake Team

Been using SEO quake for long time ... THis tool looks cool

I used seo quake is good but it need to be more professional in design ...Other than it is perfect ...

Great post. I know the owner of this site - he is Russian and he gave a nice presentation about his site in some of our Bg forums - similar languages.

The service that this site provides is really useful and the data is from month or more. I use it for some site, which are indexed for more than 2 months by google.

The service is more than free, but the guy told me that soon could make it with some kind of membership. It will have free as well, but the paid option will has more advantages as it should be.:)

I don't think that there is better tool than this one, it is one of its kind.

Great information. I did not know about this tool so far. As I use seoquake as seo tooland found it quite helpful, i will try this keyword tool for sure.

This tool is amazing, i am totally going to check it out.


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Been using SEO quake for a while, it is a great tool for anyone serious in the SEO game

I've also been using SEO quake and SEOlinx as well... its compatible with both IE and 'Fox

I am using seoquake tool.I didnot know this before.
for keyword search I used google keyword tool.

Thanks for posting so much valuable information on SEOdigger. It's a very useful tool, one of my favorites. We also use Wordze a lot, in addition to Wordtracker and various Google tools. The new Google search-based kwd tool is pretty impressive, and has been a long time in the coming.

We also use a tool we've developed in-house. It is now offered for free on our company website. We encourage feedback so please let us know what you think.

SEOquake has been very useful . I am quite happy with the design actually. And the Google search based keyword is a lifesaver!

I haven't tried SEODigger.... As a matter off fact I am fairly new to this field, but I am doing my best to learn.... Thanks for this post.


I have heard that Google Analytics does the same, doesn't it? which is the difference between them?