PRadise Lost

This site was PR5 a few days ago and due to the recent google pagerank update it is now PR3. Andy Beard's recent post about his blog's PR fluctuations has prompted me to write my own opinion on the subject of PageRank drops.

I love google for all the great services they provide but sometimes I don't understanding it/them.

I am selling advertising and I suppose google disapproves it, and this is my punishment. I have been selling links to advertisers that want to get a chance at driving GeoLand's visitors to their own sites. They must have thought that GeoLand visitors might be valuable for their own sites. I have not searched for them or posted about my willingness to put advertisement on my blog; Most advertisers have found me on their own.

I have been selling links for almost a year now. I never tried to hide the links from google with cloaking or any other trickery. I am not selling PR to the advertisers and I suppose they know it too, it was not a big deal of a PR anyway, just a PR5, and its not like it was earning me a fortune .... There are places that have been hit hard though. Aviva Directory and Alive Directory are now PR0 but a few months ago they were at PR7; Meanwhile the Yahoo directory is still at PR7. This is not the only example of Google's preferential treatment. I know lots of places that sell links from their High PR pages (and its obvious) that, not only did not get their PR dropped but actually raised since last update. I am not going to name any URLs, I am not an informer (i.e. nark, rat, stool, tattler) its not in me.

But, I am not willing to change my ways either. I am not going to put a nofollow attribute to declare non approval to the sites I am linking to. Not because Google has decided to punish me. If I put a nofollow its like accepting I was at fault, its like declaring to be google's marionette. I believe I did nothing wrong, google should actually see this. I do endorse the sites that I link to. I would not accept advertising a site that I don't approve of their content. Putting a nofollow on an advertisers link would not convince me to advertise a site I would not approve of. I have refused advertisers because I did not want to link to their websites. I would not want my visitors to see such links next to my posts. If I don't screen the advertising links I am going to loose the (little) respect that I have from GeoLand's visitors. If I put nofollow on the links I will be respecting neither GeoLand's visitors nor the advertisers.

I am not sad though, I knew google's thoughts on paid links and I knew it was coming but I could not betray my beliefs.



He mentioned the dofollow comments and that he moderates them, like many of us. I wonder if a site could be penalized for the types of links from the comments (say to a linkfarm or other bad neighborhood).

I suppose your site could be thought as a bad neighborhood itself if it links to bad sites but other than that I don't see any other form of punishment.

There are many sites that sell links and don't get slaped. But with Google you never really know what will happen at next update.

I know that is why I decided to not care about that little green bar anymore ...

Google is the new Microsoft . Do no evil I think not

Many large US publishers are selling links with no effect I guess if you spend a bomb with them may help

Unfortunately that little green bar does attract attention from other website owners and is an asset for your site. It is a shame that Google can take it away at the blink of an eye.

I am sure you will get it back in the future.

But you have got your paid advertising which shows people have confidence in your site, find it interesting, and will return regardless.
I know I don't care about your page rank because your site is too fantastic to miss out on.

So far as I understand, nofollow is to indicate that you're not ratifying the linked site, rather you have no opinion of it.

Google will still follow the link, it just won't count it as a vote.

Idea for comments and Google would love you to use them on advertisements.

Maybe people would use nofollow on adverts if Google gave some indication of how much value the links would then carry. Is it enough to be linked to from a relevant site, or do you need the advocate that dofollow gives?

Admin is right that the PR drop was targeted at reducing publishers perceived value. I wonder how it affected the true value to the advertiser and publishers rankings?

that's really a fantastic post ! ! added to my favourite blogs list. .

The main factor affecting page rank is out going links from your site... And also if there are paid links and if they are removed same result

it is definitely hard to figure out google's algorithms

and now its on pr zero. seems a bit unjust doesnt it.

sometimes it seems like if you were punished without an explanation, but it's very complicated for webmasters to annalyse each site that advertise or psot a link in your site in order to see if google won't pennalize you because of the other website faults.