Link exchanges the easy way

Link exchanges are time consuming. If you have done few you know what I mean. The trouble is not with arranging them and placing them; you need to maintain them as well. You need to check once in a while to see if the link partners are linking back to you and act accordingly. It gets even more time consuming if the link exchanges are 3 way in which case you have to check a third domain that has your link included. Its hard to keep track of all these, and it gets even harder the more link exchanges that you arrange.

LinkEx takes care of the time consuming parts of link exchanges. As a matter of fact it is fully automated. Potential partners register their domains and linkback URL and you just get a notification of the new link partner. All valid backlinks can be checked with the click of a button from the administrator's area.

The nice thing with LinkEx is that it does not need a database it has a nice admin interface with which you can create unlimited categories among other things. Moreover LinkEx does not require any modifications to the existing site's template/layout. It just assigns a unique URL for each category you create and then you can include the contents (approved partners) into any page you chose to using a php include statement much like this:

<?php include "linkex/data/output/1002" ; ?>

The output formating can be configured per category from the admin interface if one wishes to change the default.

Preventing Spam

There is some things that I thought would be nice to be included but could not wait for them.

One tweak I had to make on the script was to disable auto-approving for newly registered partners for some high traffic sites I maintain in order to reduce spam links to be displayed in my directory pages for until I got the time to check them personally.

for this all I did was insert this link of php code

if ( !LOGGEDIN ) $link->status = "2"; //inserted this

around line 4251 right before the link-save action. This essentially make the link status suspended to all the links saved by a non logged in person (non admin)

I also advised the robots using the robots.txt in my root folder to not include the directory of LinkEx in their spidering since it would be an easy target to a smart spammer looking for "LinkEx" or equivalent in the search engines

User-agent: *
Disallow: /linkex



Maybe you are right but,

In the article I am neither approving or contemning link exchanges. Its up to the reader to actually make a wise judgment of weather to practice link exchanges.

As for me I have had successes with them and to tell you the truth I have not seen hard evidence that google openly disapproves them. Can you provide some ?

I think you should remained the readers that google dose not like reciprocal links even if it is a three way link
but it is a good article!!!

"Several times during the session, it was readily apparent that someone had tried to do reciprocal links as a “quick hit� to increase their link popularity. When I saw that in the backlinks, I tried to communicate that 1) it was immediately obvious to me, and therefore our algorithms can do a pretty good job of spotting excessive reciprocal links, and 2) in the instances that I looked at, the reciprocal links weren’t doing any good. I urged folks to spend more time looking for ways to make a compelling site that attract viral buzz or word of mouth. Compelling sites that are well-marketed attract editorially chosen links, which tend to help a site more."

reciprocal links cant be to good if this is what matt has to say on the topic, however many bloggers say that as long as you have just a few you are ok and it is helpful.


I am not advocating reciprocal linking like its the ultimate solution to a site's link popularity. But you have to keep in mind that there are some business sites that are naturally non viral. They are build just to advertise their services or product but their owners can't bother much with creating appealing content or their niche does not allow for that. Take for example a Hotel or actually a small accommodation website. What could the owner write on their pages to attract links from other sites ??

It's a good resource but the potentiality for reciprocal link devaluation would make me think twice.

Reciprocal links are good with the sites having less than 5 outgoing links...

How are you? Everything fine? I didn't know that you have such a great blog !!

Perhaps you will help me to build one too :P

By the way, very nice tips and articles. Keep the good work (Nik from Mediacamp Athens)

Nik thanks for stopping by,

Well I would help you out if you did not know how to already !!

Every thing is good but I am getting extremely busy lately.

Good article

I have come across something similar, although not so good, before. However, I tend to be quite picky who I exchange links with because I am looking for organisations that have synergy with mine.

I have to admit though, I don't know what the current thinking with Google/Yahoo! is on exchanged links.

Excellent content ... this site is great resource

I agree with jacksmith....reciprocal links can affect your PR in a negative way.

hmm, really opened my eyes. thought links carried more value than that. thanks.

I also use reciprocal links as part of my link building campaign... Some people say they don't work but my results show otherwise.

so if you say that there's no evidence of Google disapproval, why everbody says that link exchanging doesn't help for SEO?

SEO is an experimental discipline, if it works for you then do it, if you think it does not work then don't do it. But since google does not dissaprove it does not hurt to try it. ddasilva claims to have got good results and I personally have good results with them.

that's the point, if this is an experimental discipline that is changing everyday so nobody can tell the last word, I consider that if you just "play" with different strategies or combine some of them will get more reuslts than using just one.