Changes in Geoland

Some exciting changes here in GeoLand,

First off the theme has changed I hope for the better, I have gotten sick of the old theme and needed a change, now it feels like a new haircut ...

The theme was inspired by cutline wordpress them, thought I would just change a few stuff in it and be done with it, but the perfectionist that I am I could not stop at small changes .... I ended up rearranging and recoloring the whole thing, updating some php code etc. Still I am not sure if I can call it my own. I have had a debate with friends on what consitutes an original design and everyone had a different opinion on it, I still consider it my own design since it does not look at all like its predecessor, or does it ? I would love to hear your opinion on the subject

I have added the very handy show top commentators wordpress plugin to the right sidebar in order to get some more people involved in the discussion. Seriously it feels kind of lonely here some times ... so if you have something to say ... post a comment ... the top commentators will get the benefit of a link to their website from every page of this blog ... so everyone wins.

I am still looking for more people to write articles for GeoLand since I am very busy with projects and I am not very good writer anyway so if you have a article that you want to post here please contact me.



Top commentators plugin is a good choice to have some more comments on your blog :-)

This is a great blog. I would like to keep updated via RSS, but can't seem to find a link?

well as you can see I'm working hard to get my name in "top commentators", but what I think is more interesting is that people looking for information or an expert can see those woh have their comments approved so that they should have more information than others about a topic, and then they can go directly and aske things, so that work is taken out from the blogger and at the same time it helps to create "community".