Get PR5 free links by guest blogging for Geoland

I have been blogging for 6 months now on this blog and it is very time consuming ....

Its probably a lot easier to just surf the web and post a little critique or description on articles that you have visited but, its time consuming when you want to post articles that are in some ways unique and come from our own direct experiences and labor (not direct copies of other stuff that one has found on the internet).

Looking at my posting I realize that I usually do 1 article (maybe 2) a month, which is very few for the pace of the internet.

For this reason I decided to ask the help of fellow bloggers that are interested in posting on this blog. So Guest blogging is from now on accepted for this blog.

Benefits of guest blogging for Geoland ?

  1. you become my friend (priceless ;) )
  2. You will get 1 or more permanent links to your blog on every article that you write,
  3. some extra links from your user page
  4. site might be PR6 soon
  5. extras if you become a regular poster
  6. get exposed to a new crowd

How do you qualify ?
Any webmaster, designer, SEOer (other related field worker) that is interested in writting one or more articles for this blog might post their blog in the comments for me to visit it or email it to me (gk @ this domain . org). Alternativelly you can send me the article that you want to be included in here.

There is no real guidelines other than being yourself and inline with the rest of the blog ...



I like this web site please give me information of web page time to time in my mail ID.

Maki, send me an article inline with what you see here in Geoland and I will post it for you ...

Cool! As soon as I'm done updating my search engine I will write an article for you :) Good luck with your work.


Fair enough ... and you're right, coming up with good content is very time consuming. Count me in, though.

Forrest and Andreas
thanks for you interest

I am waiting for any article you think might fit in this blog,
at any time no rush ....

Giorgo please bare with me, just came back from holidays.
I ll get back to you soon,
in the meantime if you want add your website to my directory

what about an article about Joomla related development for newbies???

Maki (or anyone interested in posting) there is no hurry ...
I like something well thought of ...

Joomla related developement is something that would fit nice in here too ... I like the idea, go for it

Hi, if you need it, I could write some articles about blog SEO in exchange for some link love (by the way, do you use technorati?).

GIR, just send me a unique article that you think fits nicely with the theme of the website and I will post it ...

I am interested...

email me at adiadi81 At Yahoo Dot Com


@Adi I have already included an email in the post ... use it to send me your article ... if its inline with the rest of the posts I will publish it and make you an Author so you can publish more stuff at your own time ...
Thanks for you interest

If you hang out in the webmaster forums ... you can find lots of things that concern well ... webmasters. Find one that you fill strongly about do some research and come up with some conclusions ...

Half of the process of writing a nice article is in finding what to write about ... and the second half is the easy one ...

Giorgosk , this is a nice idea that you've put up. I can write an article/post for your blog but I am uncertain about the topics you'd prefer for your blog~! A little information would get the things going.
Thanks ;)

I also might be interested, especially articles concerning SEO

Great idea. I will email you an article related to SEO topics.

This is a great. I'm all for the guest blogging. Keep me in mind, thanks!

These really do work. I have been guest blogging for several months.