Spam, even google can't keep up with it ?

Just stumbled on the official google webmasters blog. I have been there before, quite a few times as a result of searching (as was this time). What struct me this time on this particular post was that OBVIOUS spam comments from March 14th 2007 have not been removed, even though later comments from the same author (probably SPAM also) have been removed ?!

Take a look for yourself, before they dissapear !! (have also kept a screenshot just in case)
I posted a comment pointing to this post just to see if anyone from google will react to it.

Any thoughts ?

UPDATE (June 20th): Apparently the comments spam has now been cleaned, seems someone took notice of that!!



Wow, I gotta admit, that looks bad. To their credit, it's far less bad than spam in their index, but it really does look worse. Kind of gives the impression of no one at the wheel, or that they just don't have stuff under control, even if this needs to be done by humans, while their products are algorithmic.

It's interesting how spam has managed to evolve out of the inbox, huh? Spam is a great model for evolution...

Wow, that's prooves that spam is getting bigger and bigger....

hehe, it seems like they already realized about that embarrasing situation, but it's incredible that spam even arrives to what you may think is the best protected sites in the internet.