Vote on top google ranking factors

The google algorithm is something that lots of webmasters wish they knew, every so often. Its well hidden from the public eye rightfully so, since it would be subject to a lot of abuse (more than it already is ??!!)

Webmasters once in a while compile lists with factors that affect the way google positions a site on the search results for certain terms (keywords). Some of the most important lists that I am aware of are vaughs 1 pagers, Compar's list on DP and a recent list from seomoz.
Those lists are created with inputs from lots of people and most of them experts on their fields. Yet I wanted a more flexible way to include the input of more webmasters no matter what their level of experience. For this reason I created the top google ranking factors lens in Squidoo.

For those that don't know, Squidoo is a new community that lets its users create lenses (pages) about any subject they care about. Everyone is free to talk about their favorite subject or promote their favorite websites or products. A lens can include some nice modules in them which enhance the experience of the users and the visitors alike. In my case I used the text linked list which give you the ability for voting on each item.

If you have experience on the subject of google rankings, I am very interested in what you think so please vote on both the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE factors you feel strongly about and add factors that are not on the lists.



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GiorgosK: just taken a look at and bookmarked your Squidoo page. It's nice to see others opinions on ranking factors - the seo business is very opinionated, often making it tricky to prioritise tasks. Some really useful information there, highly recommended.