A picture more than 1000 words !!!!

This pictures taken from Queensborough Bridge station in New York looks innocent. It probably says a lot for the 14 Kbytes that it occupies. It probably says different things to different people but it DOES say a lot.

It actually says a lot more than it can meet the eye. Right click and download the picture and then open it from Notepad or Wordpad or any other plain text editor. Scroll to the end of the text ...

Cool right ?

You can use any plain text editor to open up a jpeg image and insert anything you want after the end of the image text. The image still renders correctly, at least in windows system. If you are using any other system please let me know if it the picture displays correctly.

Note that: Notepad and Wordpad in Windows system are OK to view the message in the image but if you try to save a new message then the image does not display correctly anymore. Also note that manipulating the image with an image editor (photoshop, paint shop pro ...) will destroy all the hidden information.

If you want to write you own hidden messages in jpeg's try the Notepad 2 from flo's freeware site. In my opinion its an excelent replacement of the windows notepad . The trick might work for other picture format's, I am not sure, try it and let me know. Remember to hit enter after the last character of the image text and then start typing your message otherwise you might screw up the picture.

Just for the record I have been using this for some time now, I do not remember if I discovered it or read it somewhere perhaps everybody knows (and I am the last to know). Well either way I think its a fun way to send hidden messages to your friends without others knowing, so I thought I'd share.

From now on beware the next picture that arrives in you mailbox might have a hidden message from Al Qaida to you ;-)




Another method (if you want it to be a little bit safer) is steganography. It adds a picture inside a picture or add text inside a picture. You don't see any difference (except for source code). It's all encrypted and you need password to decrypt.

There are a few tools for steganography, I suggest doing a Google search :)

Btw, nice blog you got!

When I saw your post my first thought was steganography too. I played around with it a bit quite a few years ago. I wanted to use it as a means to encrypt passwords and registration information in software.

However there are other industries which I'm sure are using it to allow images to be traded with a seemingly innocent appearance. Scary stuff!

wow! really amazing, but I agre wit Sarah... isn't it scary? thay can hiding information that you would never know it is there. eventhough I'll start to hide my own messages.... it's a nice way.

What comes to mind when you see a picture like this, is it more or less than a 1000 words (pic included)?

I've recently talked with some firends and my fears about subliminal messages controling your decitions because of the secret message in pictures were the cause of their laughs, now I think that the worst that could happen is that a picture contains a worm, trojan or virus, but they won't change people's perceptions of what to do.

picture--few people will put out the effort to read all 1000 words if the first sentence does not grab them. still they will comment on apicture they did not like just because they "saw" it...