FileNotes Windows Tagger

What is FileNotes Windows Tagger?
Its a simple utility that will let you keep notes on any file on windows systems. Later on using a standard windows search you can find your "notes" and the associated files.

But I am using Windows Desktop or Copernic Desktop Search for that !?
Of course the afformentioned software are doing a good job at keeping notes and tagging your files (I am not selling anything, FileNotes is free), but FileNotes has some advantages. If you want to easily keep notes on your files; notes that are easily portable, then FileNotes might be worth looking into.

  • keeps the notes (metadata) in the same directory and named with the same filename but with a .notes extension at the end.
  • The data are in plain text files thus, you don't need extra utilities to search your "notes" for tags (you can just use the windows search).
  • Clicking on any "notes" will open up the associated file with the appropriate application (can also be configured to open up notes themselves).
  • Furthermore when distributing your files you can distribute their "notes" with no extract effort since they are in the same directory next to your files.
  • The data are kept in free form, its not structured in any way (it could be thought of as a disadvantage as well).

How do I use it ?

You right click on any file and select "File notes". Notepad opens up a file with ".notes" extension. You write inside any notes that you wish to remember for example "nice background" and then you save the file. The .notes file is saved in the same directory.

When you want to search for your notes simply open up a windows search and type *.notes in the "part of file name" and the tag you are looking for (e.g "nice background") and the notes that contain the phrase should appear in the search results. If you click on the notes file it should open up the associated file.

Installing FileNotes

  1. Download the zip archive
  2. Unzip the contents in the C drive (alternativelly drag the filenotes dir to the C: drive)
  3. double click on the notes_open_associated_file.reg file and press confirm the registry addition (press yes on the confirmation box that appears - this confirm that its OK to add the information on the registry)
  4. that's it

Unistalling FileNotes

  1. double click on the clean_registry.reg file and confirm the registry addition
  2. erase the filenotes folder with all the contents

Known issues

  • If windows search does not appear to search within the .notes files you can double click the winXP_fix_Run_if_search_cannot_see_inside_notes.reg file and confirm the registry addition. Look at the microsoft knowledge base for more info.


  • If you want to erase all the .notes files do a search for the .notes file using the regular windows search
  • If you want notes to open themselves (instead of the associated file) double click on the notes_open_themselves.reg file and confirm action.
  • You can open up the .reg files (with any text editor) and change the name that appears on right click (File notes) to anything you wish, then you save and doubleclick on it, and confirm action.
  • You can change the filenotes.ico to anything you wish if the default icon does not appeal to you (and why should it be, it was created in a few seconds time) As a matter of fact if you are a graphics designer and you wish to share your icon for FileNotes then send me an email, I promise to give credit and a link to your homepage.
  • If you know a little bit of C++ (cpp) you can open up the filenotes.cpp that is provided and tweak the code to your likings and recompile. Please send me an email if you do find a cool use for the code.

I am only releasing this in the hopes that it would be useful to others. In no way I can be held responsible for the use or misuse of it.

Extending FileNotes
I don't have any plans to extend the functionality of the FileNotes. I am providing though the source code (written in cpp) for it in the zip archive, so if you feel you want to modify it please go ahead and do so, you don't need my permission for it. As a matter of fact I have gotten the skeleton of the code someplace else (I just can't remember where).

Please leave a comment here if you like FileNotes or you hate them ...



FileNotes Windows Tagger !

I have been looking for such a thing for a long time, and then it comes. Thank you for that wonderful functionality added to W-Explorer

I tried to rename the file tag as note.txt, ( add the ability to see directly the first lines in W-explorer popup, but then I have lost the icon, which is unpractical.

Would it be possible to add part of the comment, ( for example first line of the text note created) in the title ( right clic, properties, résumé, title* ) , related to the file within W-Explorer, so a short description of the file would appear directly in the W-Explorer window, when you choose to see title as head of a column
This would help a lot to point the right file in a long list.

I was thinking also of the ability to complete the name of the file with may be 3 to 5 tags, like:
( could be again in the first line of the text file created )
to appear in W-Explorer directly as the name of the tag file

the text file could be something like:
work accounts smith may checked ( tags)
verified account of Smith for may ( description)
comments: tyoztpbtzre,bumpfszeuf (etc )
and FileNote would only extract the first line

Unfortunately, I am not a programmer! ( I have tried to modify some lines in your FileNote folder, but it failed )

*W-Explorer has also the possibility to enter keywords, but even if Google desktop, or Copernic may search those keywords, I don't know how I can have them in a column directly in W-Explorer ( I am using XP, not Vista ), so this is unpractical

Thank you for your response

Thanks dan for your complements,
Most probably what you are asking could be done, but unfortunatelly I don't have the time to look into it at this time (projects, work, family etc)

Sorry about that

Fantastic utility!!! Thanks for putting it together!!!